The company, founded in 2005 and based in Frankfurt am Main, is a quick service provider specialising in travel catering at particularly busy locations.


At the beginning of 2012, COI Partners took a stake in casualfood to drive the expansion of airport locations and growth at railway stations and service stations. Seven years later, the shares were successfully sold to the Orior Group.

The capital invested by COI Partners was largely used to realise successful growth, but also to purchase shares from the founders. During the collaboration phase, the value of the group was increased, for example through cooperation and the development of new locations and concepts. COI Partners and the founders of casualfood – Stefan Weber and Michael Weigel – continue to cooperate beyond the successful partnership at casualfood and are still working together on various projects, including with other COI Partners portfolio companies.

The basis for the start of the collaboration in 2012 was, on the one hand, a highly-qualified, motivated and partnership-oriented management/founding team. On the other hand, the strong and profitable growth already in place at the time of entry as well as attractive margins and the management team’s clear and strategic approaches to value creation were impressive.

Stefan Weber:

“With the entrepreneurs from COI Partners, we have not only received capital in the mid-single-digit million range for the expansion of our operational business, but also access to a large pool of contacts and knowledge. An ideal combination for sustainable, positive business development.”

Dr. Farsin Yadegardjam:

“Mobility and flexible offers that are precisely tailored to customer needs are becoming more and more important. Quick service providers are growing at a disproportionately high rate.”


"Capital as well as access to a large pool of contacts and knowledge - an ideal combination provided by COI Partners."

Stefan Weber & Michael Weigel
Managing Partners of casualfood

Are you an entrepreneur taking your next growth step and looking for the ideal partner?


We do not just pay attention to numbers, but to people. Because to make the right decisions together not only do you need precise KPIs, you also need to a fine antenna and trust one another.

Business acumen, creative drive, a willingness to take risks but also responsibility and, last, but not least, a touch of humility. This is what distinguishes an experienced entrepreneur. At least those entrepreneurs in whom we invest.

Our goal is mutual growth. Achieving more together. Of course, we are talking about money, but it is more than that. Entrepreneurial capacity is the result of an entrepreneur being capable of achieving something.  And together, entrepreneurs have the capacity to achieve even more.