Fixatti Group

COI Partners is supporting the merger of the Schaetti Group with its Belgian competitor Dakota. The result is the Fixatti Group – a specialist in customised thermoplastic powders and hot-melt products with locations in Europe and China




Fixatti Group

Since acquiring a majority stake in 2013, COI Partners has been supporting the corporate development of the Fixatti Group (then the Schaetti Group) until its exit in 2020 and has been providing significant impetus in the process.

With the help of the additional financial resources, investments have been made in Research & Development to drive the development of new products, as well as in the sales team to further expand the customer base.

COI Partners, represented by Dr Farsin Yadegardjam, PhD in Chemistry, is increasingly taking on the role of Chairman of the Advisory Board at the Fixatti Group. In 2018, the merger of the Schaetti Group with its competitor Dakota was initiated. The resulting Fixatti Group is now able to offer its customers a broader and complementary product portfolio. Significant synergies in production were also achieved through more efficient production utilisation and distribution. In collaboration with a consultant from the COI Partners network, the existing R&D processes were restructured.

In 2020, the company was finally sold to the listed chemical company Arkema. COI Partners supported the management team during the sale process in determining a negotiation strategy.

Dr Farsin Yadegardjam:

“The acquisition proves that the merger of Schaetti and Dakota less than two years ago, which was significantly driven by COI Partners, was the right move to attract the attention of global corporate giants. With this transaction, COI Partners has once again demonstrated its value creation strategy for growth companies in German-speaking countries, which we achieved together with the CEO of Fixatti, Gertjan de Creus, and my co-shareholders Daniel Schaetti and Andreas Ziegler (Patrimonium) in an extraordinary partnership-based approach. I am particularly proud that we managed to divest our engagement in the current economic climate, which has seen many transactions put on hold or cancelled altogether.”

Gertjan De Creus:

“COI Partners was a valuable sparring partner for me and the entire management team. Without the professional commitment during the negotiations for the merger with Dakota and the sale to Arkema, we would not have been nearly as successful. The ability to focus on the big picture and to keep a cool head even in difficult phases made all the difference. It was a great pleasure to have COI Partners on board as a shareholder and acting as Chairman of the Advisory Board.”


COI Partners not only provided capital, but also a highly professional board of directors and excellent management support that made all the difference in completing our successful merger and ultimately realising a magnificent exit.

"COI Partners is a valuable sparring partner who makes a real difference with a clear strategic vision."

Gertjan De Creus
CEO of the Fixatti Group

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