Freaks 4U Gaming

Freaks 4U Gaming is a global 360-degree agency specializing in gaming and esports.
With COI Partners support the company plans to solidify its Pan-European footprint and accelerate global expansions.

Freaks 4U Gaming

COI Partners has invested € 15 million in the global full-service agency specializing in gaming and esports. This is the first-ever investment the company has received.

Freaks 4U Gaming will utilize the funds for growth focusing on sustainability and scalability. The company plans to solidify its Pan-European footprint and accelerate global expansions through its existing portfolio and new opportunities, in addition to implementation of organizational and personnel development programs as well as environmentally conscious measures.

Recognized as a leading agency partner in esports and gaming, Freaks 4U Gaming offers a multitude of client-centric services including strategic consultancy, community and social media management, tournament and event organization, influencer management and multi-media production with its agency business. The company also delivers state-of-the-art broadcast solutions and remains at the heart of the community through its proprietary community platforms.

Freaks 4U Gaming established its first international office in the Asia Pacific region in 2013, followed by entering of the North American market in 2016. Meanwhile, to continue cultivate its European home base and service offerings in the region, the company entered the French market in 2019 and most recently expanded to Italy and Switzerland.

Michael Haenisch:

„As one of the early pioneers in esports and gaming, we pride ourselves in being a dynamic, 360-degree organization in the eco-system and having come a long way to this uniquely competitive position. The investment is a true testament to our accomplishments and the positive prospect of Freaks’ future, we are thrilled about our new endeavor with COI Partners.“

Dr. Farsin Yadegardjam:

„The growth figures of the gaming and esports market are simply impressive, and with our investment in Freaks we have the opportunity to join one of the most important players in this market in Western Europe. In addition to the already existing growth story, the fantastic team was a key factor in our decision. We expect Freaks not only to participate in the overall market growth, but also to benefit above average from its unique position as a 360-degree agency. We look forward to the journey together and to support Freaks with our expertise as growth investor.”


"We are excited about this invaluable partnership with COI Partners, which brings together their strategic guidance and our expertise as we continue to grow and evolve in the ever-changing landscape of esports and gaming."

Michael Haenisch
CEO of Freaks 4U Gaming

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