Mister Spex

Mister Spex has created a new, contemporary way of buying glasses.
The advantages of e-commerce are combined with advice
and services at the optician’s premises and in their own stores.

Mister Spex

At the turn of 2020, Mister Spex raised a further € 15 million in a second tranche of its financing round. This expansion of the financing round is led by COI Partners and primarily supports the omnichannel expansion as well as the internationalisation of Mister Spex.


Dirk Graber:

„The tremendous support we receive with regard to our business model has strengthened our belief that omnichannel is the retail concept of the future. With COI Partners, we have a successful partner at our side who is well versed in retail as well as omnichannel and digitalisation. The focus of the current financing round is on driving our successful expansion, growing internationally and developing our expertise in logistics and data in a targeted manner.“


Moritz Ohlenschlager:

„We’re seeing a very good growth story at Mister Spex. As an innovative company and thanks to its excellently-positioned online business, we expect Mister Spex not only to participate in market growth, but also to benefit above average in the consolidation phase already underway on a fragmented market. For us, Mister Spex is a convincing example of how the innovation and digital structures of an online retailer also pay off in branch stores. We look forward to supporting Mister Spex on its expansion course with our expertise and network.“


Dr. Mirko Caspar:

„With our omnichannel approach, we make our expertise in ophthalmic optics and trends accessible to customers across Europe. In doing so, we focus on a customer-oriented and simple shopping experience that combines the advantages of the online and offline worlds. Our goal is for our customers to wear their glasses with joy and confidence.“


"Retail, omnichannel, digital - in each area we can count on COI Partners."

Dr. Mirko Caspar & Dirk Graber
Founders and Managing Directors of Mister Spex

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