entrepreneurial competence since 2001
served as a fund

by the pioneer of entrepreneurial-driven investments in German-speaking countries.

Growth equity with the vigour of true entrepreneurs and the solidity of the DACH region.

What sets our investments apart is our comprehensive knowledge of our portfolio companies. Knowledge that is based not only on facts and figures, but also on entrepreneurial personalities and a sophisticated network. Only this combination ensures that stakeholders achieve greater values. Since our start in 2001, this unique strength has been the foundation of our success.

access a portfolio of unique investment opportunities with a single decision

securing your private equity allocation for the next 3-4 years.

risk diversification via a balanced portfolio of fast-growing companies diversified by vintage, industry, stage

full upside: participate to all investments generated for and by our network of entrepreneurs

proven expertise of  20+ years of growth equity investments in the DACH region

"Funds that tick like entrepreneurs.
A convenient way of investing without missing out the power of true entrepreneurship."

David Salim
Partner by COI Partners

The best
of two worlds.

The uniqueness of our funds stems from our roots as entrepreneurs and our expertise in growth equity investments in German-speaking countries. Since 2001.

01investments with entrepreneurial DNA
0220 years of experience in building diversified portfolios
03access to exclusive investment opportunities
04portfolio enhanced by the insight of our entrepreneurs network
05private companies with high governance standards

When it comes to fund investments, it is the know-how of the management that determines the actual performance of the investment.

"It's good to have a partner who has been doing this for more than 20 years."

Jan Claussen
Investment Director bei COI Partners