results arise
from action.

supporting growth since 2001.

Successful companies
are created by entrepreneurs.

Because we have entrepreneurship in our veins, we approach growth equity investments with the eyes of true entrepreneurs. Because we are convinced that opportunities and potential start with people and not with numbers. And as we don’t just look at numbers, our numbers are often more convincing.

exits taken
initial and follow-on investments
supervisory and advisory board mandates

pioneer for
growth equity
in DACH-region

over 20 years of entrepreneurial investment history

competent network of investors

insight-based agile investment approach

true entrepreneurial accountability

deal-by-deal invest ment

We seize extraordinary opportunities together with entrepreneurs. You can invest directly with us and benefit from our strength as an experienced partner.

decision on a case-by-case basis
build a customized portfolio of direct investments
investment per specific company
distributions per exit event
access to our extensively grown and established network of entrepreneurs

vest ment

The advantages of entrepreneurial investments within the balance of a fund. Exclusively compiled for you.

single decision at the outset
diversified fund structure with a balanced portfolio as a result
guaranteed participation in all investments over a specific time frame
distributions at every single exit event
access to our extensively grown and established network of entrepreneurs

“Usually, you have to make a fundamental decision: am I interested in real entrepreneurship, or do I want attractive financial products? As I said, that is usually the case. Fortunately, COI Partners is not as usual.”

All our investments carry the same DNA: entrepreneurship.

Oliver Benz
Chairman of the Board of Directors of COI Partners AG